Welcome to my blog. Here I post my thoughts, glimpses on what I work on and other interesting stuff that I find.

Confessions of a Credit Card

This speech is inspired by Jim McDonalds & others from Comedy Time.

New Website and Mailing List

Mostly impromptu speech on the updates on the new website and mailing lists for Fair Oaks Toastmasters. I don’t have this one written and am writing something after the fact that I wanted to speak on.

Making a non profit more professional

Fair Oaks Toastmasters has had a gargantuan change in its online identity and the team wanted to share th updates with all its members. I have a speech that I gave impromptu to discuss these updates. I don’t have this one written but here it is for your enjoyment.

From callbacks to async

A step by step guide for moving from callbacks to async await in JavaScript applications.

The art and science of Photography

A planned speech on role playing an artist and scientist on photography. Never used. Free for you

Bread and Charles Darwin

An application of Darwin’s theory of evolution on the discovery of bread by mankind - from cavemen to farmers

Vanity and Vengeance

A popular folk lore from India about proud kings bringing down the country for vangeance.


Passwords are a part of our life. It is better to learn how to deal with them rather than suffer because of not learning.

Chura Liya

My foray into the guitar - Chura Liya (Yadoon Ki Baraat)