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Hi, I am Atishay. I am a developer at Adobe Systems in the San Francisco Bay area with over years of experience developing a wide range of Adobe products, right from your favorite desktop apps and websites(full stack) to mobile. I have worked on a variety of platforms and technology domains. I love solving problems and believe in exploring the entire solution space to find the best for our customers.

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I love to work on challenging problems where there is some inkling of what the customers want but the team is given freedom to explore the solution space to search for what is optimal.

We should not be box ourselves in things that people say they want. They know the problem not the solution.


I have the spirit of a hacker. I love to tinker stuff, unravel the inner workings of the technology that I use. I try to find ways to mix & match and come up with solutions that many did not believe were possible or easy.

We should not box ourselves in what we know. The fun is in exploring possibilities.


Computer Scientist at Adobe Systems Incorporated

CC Libraries

Part of the team that develops Adobe’s flagship sync solution for ingredients. Also play role in deciding the interchange formats of ingredients and methods for concept & code re-use in multiple diverse platforms across Adobe’s Desktop, Web and Mobile properties.

Spend considerable time understanding the diverse re-usable styles, their differences across the realms of design from videos to screen illustrations and print.

CC Libraries Demo

Adobe Shape

Only engineer who participated in creation of Adobe Shape from prototype to release (Adobe Max 2014) involved in the entire cycle of ideation, prototyping, validation, optimization and release. The app saw over a million downloads in less than a year before being merged into Adobe Capture.

Spent considerable amount of time learning complexities around image segmentation, edge detection and augmented reality using OpenGL in mobile environments.

Capture CC Demo

Adobe Color

Influential member of the small member team that resurrected Adobe Kuler (800k+ registered users) from maintenance mode to be a part of two consecutive Adobe Max keynotes (2011, 2013). Major contributor to the architecture and implementation of the full web stack, its deployment as well as the native iOS Adobe Kuler app (now Adobe Capture).

Spent considerable time designing and migrating a running service with hundreds of thousands of daily visits to a completely different architecture from Coldfusion and Flash to HTML5 & nodejs over AWS.

Adobe Color Demo

Adobe InDesign

Managed the Adobe Creative Suite SDK which powers HTML based extensions including the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite into Adobe InDesign. Went through the architectural migration of a complicated multi-gigabytes code-base from Carbon to Cocoa based MacOS architecture.

Spent considerable time understanding the complex architecture of InDesign and Illustrator, learning the best practices of software development and maintenance.

Adobe InDesign CS SDK


During BE-CS at Thapar University


Thirst for knowledge is quest forever. I am a student for life, always learning.
These formal courses form a major part of that learning.

Stanford University

Graduate Certificate
Artificial Intelligence

Currently learning Artificial Intelligence through graduate courses as a part of Stanford's SCPD program.

Love to be a part of the strong community of dedicated students engrossed in learning a field of study that promises immense impact on mankind. From Bayesian and Markov models to SIFT and Image Nets, it is turning out to be an amazing ride.

Thapar University

Bachelors in Engineering
Computer Science

Completed engineering with CGPA of 9.84(10) and a merit scholarship from the University.

Dedicated, hardworking faculty and immense opportunity provided by various programming contests in North India had an immense impact in developing my skills.

Brightlands School

High School

Amongst school toppers with 94.6% in Class X and 96.25% in Class XII under the ICSE/ISC board, New Delhi. Completed schooling with a merit scholarship.

Schooling instills curiosity and persistence in an individual. I was blessed with some of the best teachers in North India.

Patents & Publications

I love experimenting with emerging technology.
Most of my experiments still await a sponsorship to be productized. Here lies the selection that could get through.

Live Edge Detection

Generation of salient contours using live video

In various implementations, a computing device is configured to provide a live preview of salient contours generated on a live digital video feed. In particular, a designer can use a computing device with a camera, such as a smart phone, to view a real-time preview of salient contours generated from edges detected in frames of a live digital video feed prior to capture, thereby eliminating the unpredictability of salient contours generated from a previously captured image. In some implementations, the salient contours are overlaid on a greyscale conversion of the live digital video feed for improved processing and visual contrast. Other implementations modify aspects of edge-detecting or post-processing filters for improved performance on mobile computing devices.

Internet of Things

Architecture for High Density RFID Inventory System in Internet of Things

This paper proposes a novel architecture of Internet of Things (IOT) implemented using RFID. Our proposed architecture solves the problem of over-loading as the load on the RFID Tag reader is the total number of changed objects rather than the actual number of objects present. Our architecture is based on EPCglobal Network with some assumptions and modifications. We have discussed in details the components and working of our model. We have also discussed the physical implementation of our model taking the examples of two sample applications one for the retail system and other for smart home applications and their performance results have been tabulated and represented graphically.

Internet of Things

Impact of Coordinator Mobility on the throughput in a Zigbee Mesh Networks

Zigbee (IEEE 802.15.4) standard interconnects simple, low power and low processing capability wireless devices. The Zigbee devices facilitate numerous applications such as pervasive computing, national security, monitoring and control etc. An effective positioning of nodes in a ZigBee network is particularly important in improving the performance (e.g., throughput) of ZigBee networks. In the wireless sensor network (WSN) literature, the use of a mobile sink is often recommended as an effective defense against the so-called hot-spot phenomenon. But the effects of mobile coordinator on the performance of the network are not given due consideration. In this paper, we perform extensive evaluation, using OPNET Modeler, to study the impact of coordinator mobility on ZigBee mesh network. The results show that the ZigBee mesh routing algorithm exhibits significant performance difference when the router are placed at different locations and the trajectories of coordinator are varied. We also show that the status of ACK in the packet also plays a critical role in deciding network performances.

Internet of Things

Modified Epc Global Network Architecture of Internet of Things for High Load Rfid Systems

This paper proposes a flexible and novel architecture of Internet of Things (IOT) in a high density and mobility environment. Our proposed architecture solves the problem of over-loading on the network by monitoring the total number of changed objects changing global location crossing the fringe boundaries rather than the actual number of objects present or those that move within the local area. We have modified the reader architecture of the EPCglobal Architecture. The components and the working of the model has been illustrated in detail. We have also discussed the physical implementation of our model taking the examples of a smart home sample application and the performance results have been tabulated and represented graphically.

Projects & Awards

Don't live for appreciation, but accept it humbly if given.
Here is a selection of mine.

Professional Life

Won multiple awards at Adobe India for exceptional work.

  • Young Engineer's Award (2015)
  • Special Contribution Award (2015)
  • Spot Awards(2012, 2013, 2015)
  • Adobe Kuler iOS - IxDA Interaction Design Award (2014), Communication Arts' Interactive Design Award (2014), FWA Mobile of the Day (2013).
  • Adobe Shape - Horizon Interactive Award (2015).
Adobe US has a more direct incentive scheme with little awards.

College Life

Multiple awards & participation at college and other places like the IITs & Corporates. Also organized a bunch of events.

  • Represented Thapar University in ACM ICPC (2007-09)
  • IIT-R Cognizance (2008)
  • IIT-K Kshitij(2008)
  • Schneider Electric Innovation Challenge (2009)
  • IBM Great Mind Challenge (2009)
  • Infosys Aspirations 2020
  • NetApp Texhibit
  • PECFest 5
  • Created Fundoori, a Yahoo-like portal for Patiala city.
  • Multiple intra-college programming contests - GetSetGo 2007, Chakravyun 2006, Arithmania 2008.

School Life

Was amongst the school as well as state toppers

  • NTS Scholar - NCERT Govt. of India (2004)
  • Aptitude and Achievement Test(AAT) All India Ranks (Biology, Geography)- ICSE Board, New Delhi
  • INCA Map Quiz (3rd) - Survey of India.
  • Multiple academic achievement awards during the school's annual day.
All India Rank 1 was also from my school.


Rarely have time to spend but do enjoy it a lot.

  • Completed Kashmir Great Lakes and Kedarkantha treks.
  • Spend quality time at Fair Oaks Toastmasters (Best speaker ribbons).
  • Published Campaign for AOE 1 & 2 in Skoar Game magazine
  • Editor for Short films, including Wasim that one first prize in IIT-R Thomso (2008)
  • Organized Aranya 2008(Thapar University), developed its website as well as Shauryagaatha exhibition(2007, 2008)
  • Multiple awards for drawing and painting during schooling.
Not a great artist any more.

Key Motivators

Things that get my juices flowing.
  • Happy Customers
  • Engaging Technology
  • Good Compensation
  • Ethical Work
  • Growth Potential
  • Good Work/Life Balance


After knowing the basics of programming, one should know the assumptions and constraints of the domain.
It doesn't matter what language or tooling is needed. You can get upto speed quickly.


Full Stack

Your JS framework (React / Backbone / Angular)

Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Python

NaN, FFI and native modules

AWS or Custom deployment

SEO, A/B testing, Analytics

On Call experience

ES5, ES6, Webpack, ESLint, Babel


iOS, Phonegap


Open GL ES 3.0

GCD, Threading, Networking

Core Graphics, Core Animation

Core Data, Migrations, Updates

Inkling of Swift


Win, Mac, Electron

Win32, AppKit

C++ / C# / Java


Electron with Native Modules

Your language / framework

Inkling of GPGPU


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