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Back from the break

I am officially back after a full almost 3 year break from the website. This great hiatus has seen Hugo in Action going from a draft proposal to a published book, world going in and out of Covid and my personal life getting through the beautiful phase of the birth of twins to them almost reaching the age of three.

Lets hope I can continue writing (and do not tinker this website again as I have learned a lot about Hugo with my book and it has improved a lot) for a while. I know most of the stuff on my website has gotten very stale and the world has moved on from what it was back in 2019. But that’s okay. This open book remains as the means for me to relive and remember what I grew up from.

This break also gave me an opportunity to see if my choice of framework for my website was wise. So here are my results:

Overall: Pretty happy. This went pretty well. Hugo is there for the long run.

Btw. Here is Hugo in Action is now on Amazon. Same day delivery in the bay area.


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