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New online identity for Fair Oaks Toastmasters #

Fair Oaks Toastmasters has had a gargantuan change in its online identity and the team wanted to share th updates with all its members. I have a speech that I gave impromptu to discuss these updates. I don’t have this one written but here it is for your enjoyment.

The presentation is present here

The content is mostly youtube’s automatic transcription.

Toastmasters is a non-profit. So everything we do is transparent and open. What we’ve been doing in this term for the last few months is trying to re-do the online identity of the club. I wanted to share some updates in my speech today. I’ll be talking about the setup that was there when we started to work on this restructure; things that we did to set up the new online identity that we have setup; Stuff that we’ve worked on, the things that we are working on and the stuff has still to do and places where we need help from our members. This is how our online identity of Fair Oaks Toastmasters looks like before he started. The Facebook page was up to date perfect and very well maintained. The website was there but it was kind of half a decade out of date. We had some real confusing data on the internet if a guest went to the Toastmasters website and wanted to search for Fair Oaks, they would be led to the old location where we used to meet.

We’ve tried to fix all of those issues in this term. I was the treasurer in the previous term. So I had access to the tax documents and things like that. As a non-profit we can a lot of free goodies from various companies. I registered us to Google for nonprofits and set up Google account for getting some free apps from Google as a bonus some ads from Google as well. The club now is has an G-Suite account all officers and an official email address. We at Fair Oaks Toastmasters now have all the club official communication recorded and stored - all the messages emails all the documents are stored in a Google Drive account. The idea is that when you move from one set of officers to the next you don’t need to ping the old officer for any information. Everything is there with you. We’re also setting up transition documents where we detail the things that you need to do if you’ve come into being a new officer. Tn the next term you’ll have a document and have access to everything through the club account. One of the things that we did set up for the phone number. A the club’s VP-PR I had forwarded to me the phone number for the club business. Not my personal one any more. We have a Google Voice account a Google Voice account that forwards the calls that come to the clubs phone number to the VPPR’s personal phone number. The next VPPR joins, we just need to change the forwarding of the club’s phone number.

Apart from this Google Voice account we have listed ourselves on Google. So if you search for us on Google Maps now, it will take you to this location well and tell you where we are. It also has a few photographs. We are starting to request reviews. We have gotten access back to our Yelp page. Now it has photos and content; it’s up to date; it’s accessible and we are responding to communication that we get from there. Reviews are welcome. We’ve also updated the Toastmasters website. Everything is up-to-date and current. The thing We did this in the last term is that we got rid of sending money to the treasurer’s personal account. The club has its own PayPal account You do not need to send money personally to anyone. The has an official account and the next treasurer is get a access for the account rather than having to set it up all over again.

We are working on a new website we have created a different page. We will be adding posts too. We are setting up new mailing lists. The old mailing system was archaic and it was tied with the old website. We’re now on Google Groups. I have a separate list or members. All these the paid members are a part of that mailing list. If you want to send an email to all members send to to All the communication will be recorded so that that stays there. Only members are allowed to post to that mailing list. There is one change from the previous system that the sender does not get the mail back unlike the older system as google groups is smarter than the older one not to mirror the content to the sender.

We are planning to get credit cards as another payment option. I know it’s difficult to hunt the treasurer each time to submit cash or cheque and credit card is the most flexible option especially for guests. We will have direct access soon. I know credit cards have associated fees and so if you want to pay by credit card, the charges will be slightly different to match up with those fees. We’re trying to get our membership forms on the website so that it won’t have to hunt for VP membership to go sign up. That will link to the credit card payment page and it will be buttery smooth to be a new member of Fair Oaks. We’re also planning more social media presence. It is a volunteer effort and one VP-PR cannot manage all platforms. That’s why we need to spend time on selecting a strategy so that it’s easy for incoming VP-PRs and for members to be a part of it. We will have a hosting session on this. We need help from all of you. We need posts on our website and on our landing page from members. We will have a blogging policy. Will give the both copyright to the content be happy to link to your blog under our pages. Free SEO. If you want to post something as Fair Oaks send it to me or to the or to me at Refer your friends guests to Fair Oaks Toastmasters. Things are improving. Our membership dwindled a little last year. We are back on track. We’re getting much more professional we need your help in getting further.


Here is the video:

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