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Chura Liya

A secret that I have been keeping from a lot of folks around me is that I have been practicing guitar for a while and thanks to my instructor Matthew Fish I think I have been getting somewhere. We have moved from nursery rhymes to songs now and therefore, I can have fun recording. Additional thanks to my wonderful wife for lending her beautiful voice to the song which would have been very boring without it. I am also adding my tabs here so that if you want to practice along you can try it:

Intro #

Matt helped modify the original to make it easy for me and also to help sync up with the singing:

Created with Raphaël 2.2.0TAB00787000787010
Part 2 -
Created with Raphaël 2.2.0TAB320120524045757404EmIIIo02232o0o0o0

The above ends with a Em cord.

Strumming #

Keys #

Created with Raphaël 2.2.0EmIIIo23oooAIIIxo213oCIIIx32o1oB7IIIx213o4EIIIo231ooDIIIxoo132BIIIx13331

Verse #

I have given each beat and not each measure here for easier understanding. No half beats or confusion.
The strumming pattern is |↓|.

    (Em)   (Em)
    Chura Liya
    (A)       (A)
|:  Bahaar Banke Aaoon
    (Em)        (Em)
    Kabhi Tumhaari Duniya Mein
    (A)       (A)
    Guzar Na Jaaye Yeh Din
    (C)         (Em)
    Kahin Isi Tamanna Mein :|(2)

    Tum Mere Ho, Ho Tum Mere Ho
      (E) (E) (E) (E) (E) (E) (E)
    Aaj Tum Itna Vaada Karte Jaana
    Chura Liya

    (Em)    (Em)    (D)    (D)
    Chura Liya Hai Tumne Jo Dil Ko
    (Em)    (Em)    (B)    (B)
    Nazar Nahin Churaana Sanam
    (Em)    (Em)    (D)    (D)
    Badalke Meri Tum Zindagaani
    (Em)    (Em)    (B)    (B)
    Kahin Badal Na Jaana Sanam

    Le Liya Dil, Haai Mera Dil
      (E) (E) (E) (E) (E) (E) (E)
    Haai Dil Lekar Mujhko Na Behlaana
|:  Chura Liya :|(2)

I simplified the above for myself. The most common one would have 50% the symbols with the strumming pattern ↓ ↓ and special casing for certain notes.


Here is the video:

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