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Welcome to 2018! A new year is a great way to mark a checkpoint in your life. It is also the best time remember the last year and the years before that, recalibrate your dreams and head onwards with life.

Introduction #

With resolutions in the new year, we plan to do some firsts. Everything we do in life always had a first. Indeed, this is the first time I am writing this post. So everything we do is the first time we have done this exactly that way. Something we did for the hundredth time is also the first time we completed doing that for the hundredth time. Keeping that mindset would really make it feel fresh. The other way to keep something fresh is remember the first time we did it. and that’s what the questions are around. We talk of something and you speak about the first time you went through that experience in life.

Questions #

Narrate the experience with/at your:

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