Atishay Jain
Atishay Jain

Welcome to the culture special. America is a melting pot of diverse cultures and the american culture has picked up elements from a lot of them and evolved them into something totally unique and american. Today I will be celebrating the American culture with all of you through multiple questions where you can speak what your heart feels:

Member Questions

  • Blue Jeans, invented by Levi’s Strauss in San Francisco is one of the biggest contribution of America to the way the world dresses up. Imagine a world without Jeans.
  • With 96.7% penetration of Televisions into American homes, we are in the golden age of mass media broadcasting in the United States. Suppose you own the TV station of the most popular channel in the US. What would you like to broadcast?
  • According to the 2000 census 97% of Americans can understand English. That is the biggest uniting force in the country. Can you live in America without knowing English?
  • American Cinema is the most popular throughout the planet. Many movies earn more internationally than with the national audience. What do you think makes Hollywood grand?
  • America started mostly as a blank slate being the land of immigrants and could pick up any culture. What aspect from the culture of anywhere else in the world would you like to bring to America.
  • Carbonated drinks like coca cola and foods like hamburgers, hot dogs and fried chicken redefined America to be a place where the daily necessities of life like cooking suddenly vanished. Imagine a world without fast food.
  • America has more cars than anywhere else in the world. What aspect of driving do you enjoy and what do you hate the most.
  • Many American sports are local and not played throughout the planet. Many international sports are not played widely in America. Which American sport would you like to spread throughout the planet or which global sport would you like to bring to America.
  • From the 1960s the biggest change in American living has been the shift from one earner families to two earner families. What aspect of the one earner families do the two earner families miss?
  • Owning a house is one of the corner stones of the American Dream. Money not being an issue, can you describe your ideal home and the ideal location for such a home.
  • In 1919 Alcohol was banned from America. What would you do were that to happen again?
  • Innovation has been the heart of America from the light bulb to the iPhone. Which invention is the hardest for you to give up?
  • 60% of Americans volunteer to help others in need. If you were the president, what would you do to increase this number.
  • Many American federal holidays are celebrated on a Monday. Do you like the idea?
  • Americans work almost 2000 hours a year, 500 hours more than the Germans. What would you do if you were given those additional 500 hours and year?

Guest Questions

  • US Dollar is the most powerful currency in the world. If you had a machine that could print dollars that could not be identified as fake, what would you do?
  • America redefined world transportation from the invention of the Airplane to the TSA. What would be your ideal trip or journey?
  • In sharp contrast to the early 20th century only 2% of Americans live on farms. Would you love to have the rural life?
  • Sports are things that bring people together. Teach the audience your favorite sport.

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