Atishay Jain
Atishay Jain

Toastmasters’ table topics are fun. You are picked up unprepared and told to speak on things you never thought you would speak on. We have been working hard to make it more interesting - getting people to really think on the fly by not letting them tapping into their speeches and past table topics by providing interesting situations to speak about. Here are some sample questions I created for a session I hosted. Enjoy.


Today’s topic is around weird situations in life. Our speakers will be told about a weird situation that they have been just been through. They have to tell us how they got out of it:


  • You invite someone on a date, but forget your wallet.
  • You dropped your roommate/partner on the store while going on a 3 day official trip and accidentally took the house keys with yourself.
  • You had a difficult client who after 2 months of hard work finally gives you the check and you spill curry on it.
  • You are the toastmaster to a meeting and on the last day all speakers back out.
  • You are about to be awarded on stage in front of 5000 people and in nervousness, just half an hour before the award you spill water all over your clothes.
  • You take a sick leave for a game and your boss shows up at the stadium.
  • Your FB account gets hacked and the hacker offends your significant other.
  • You are caught sleeping in a meeting that was supposed to decide your promotion.
  • You are running late to an important flight and and see a cop car flashing its lights behind you.
  • You just moved to a new place and come to know that it is supposed to be haunted.
  • You are caught by a casino security team who thinks that you cheated in your winnings.
  • You are on board a 10 hour flight and you fear the guy sitting next to you has some wrong intentions.
  • You go on a vacation to discover that accidentally the neighbor’s pet travelled with you in your car.
  • During your school days, you accidentally fall upon the exam papers two days before the exam. Do you sell them, ace them, or be ethical.
  • You click on an email to discover that you just got your office hacked.
  • You are in a remote area at around 10 PM with no cellular connectivity and you are running low on fuel in your car.
  • You fear someone is following you.
  • You discover that you and your best friend have a crush on the same person.
  • You are driving and took a wrong turn accidentally entering Mexico.
  • A tiger is loose in your neighborhood and you hear some sounds in your garage.

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